Mall of Asia

Those who have been in Manila knows SM Mall Of Asia. Mall of Asia is a huge shopping mall area in Pasay,Manila district Here you can spend the whole day if you like shopping, eating in good restaurants and entertainment. Inside there is an ice skating arena, a variety of specialty shops and boutiques, a variety of restaurants for every taste and budget. Mall of Asia is on the waterfront. Where there are afternoon and evening functions and other attractions for children and adults.

It is well suited for those who want to pass the time before departure from Manila. Inside the mall you can buy clothes and things of different brands, usually cheaper than in your country. You can also choose a restaurant that you like, there you will find almost all cuisines of the world widely known. For example there is a Thai restaurant Jatujak, restaurant Bistro Ravioli Italian, Filipino cuisine restaurant – Cabalen, Cafe Krispy Kreme with excellent donuts, and of course the fast food chains like KFC, Mc Donalds and detailed fast food restaurants.

When you arrive in Manila, it is because there is no place where to leave your luggage. If you visit in Mall of Asia, there you can leave your luggage in Hypermarket it is a small supermarket where you can leave your luggage at the Baggage Counter near the entrance of the supermarket. Valuables are not advised to leave inside your luggage, and just carry them for safety reason.
On weekends very often in Mall of Asia held fireworks at 20.00. Also, there are international fireworks competitions also sometimes.

Another luggage storage area in SM Mall of Asia:
Taxi drivers coming from Manila’s Airport (NAIA) can drive down the south wing end then turn right on the first intersection. From inside the mall you can get easily to the Package Pick-up Service. Leave the mall at the Ice Skating Rink and then turn right. The counter is only a few steps away.

It is recommended to leave mall of asia at least 4-5 hours before your flight because of the traffic situation in manila area specially in the airport road.

 To find any shop in MOA please see interactive map MALL OF ASIA



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