Manila is the capital of Philippines it’s the heart and soul of the country and is very rich about the history of the philippines and numerous tourist spots can be found within the city.
Luneta Park or Rizal Park is the equivalent of Central Park in New York it’s where our national hero was buried and died because of his love to his beloved country.
Intramuros or local called it as “The Walled City” while wandering around intramuros you will come across a few guys in old uniforms and these are the actual uniform of Guardia Civil during the spanish era you will see them guarding and surrounding the are of intramuros.
If you’re in Manila don’t miss the much awaited Manila Bay Sunset view during the afternoon you can watch it in the baywalk’s two kilometer strecth.
In Chinatown or famously called as Divisoria you can find cheap items for a cheaper price great place to shop and buy chinese feng shui lucky charms for great fortune.
Also since your in Chinatown don’t forget the mouthwatering chinese delicacies and chinese food around the area and the most top selling pasalubong in the area is “Eng Beetin Hopia and Tikoy” famous pinoy delicacy and pasalubong.
Fort Santiago played a major role in World War Two being the US and Japanese headquarters and was the main area in the battle of Manila and serves as a prison for our national hero Dr Jose Rizal until his execution in Luneta Park or Rizal Park.
Malate District serves as the Red district of manila where lots of bars is being occupied by most tourist travelling and unwinding in the area.
Manila Ocean Park which is located at the seafront of Luneta Park serves as a marine park and massive aquarium showcasing different type of sea creatures, birds and other animals which kids and kids at heart can enjoy.
Makati serves as the busiest and financial district of Metro Manila it’s where the top companies in the philippines are located and surrounded by residential, condominiums, restaurants, bars, clubs and many signature shops like louis vuitton, hermes, Salvatorre Ferragamo and many more.
If you are a catholic visiting churches in the philippines is a must like the famous church inside Intramuros “San Agustin Chruch” it’s a UNESCO world heritage site in recognition of it’s exceptional cultural value. Also one of the spanish naviagtor and governor Miguel Lopez De Legazpi was buried here in San Agustin Church
Don’t forget to missed out Manila Cathedral which was destroyed by many battles during spanish and japanese era but still standing still and continue to inspire the filipino people and it was the first Cathedral ever built in the philippines and proclaimed by vatican.
You can also found in manila the oldest university in the philippines the “University of Sto Tomas” it is the oldest and largest university in the city of manila you can also found the oldest museum, line of eateries and popular fast food chains here.
Last January the “Pope Visit” was held in Manila as the world’s largest catholic patriots and members the philippines is proud to host and welcome “Pope Francis” who became an inspiration and a family for every filipino’s heart.
Manila also is the home of our current 15th president “Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III and took over the Malacanang Palace this serves as the President office or the White House of the Philippine president.

Manila Quick Facts

  • capital city of the Philippines (population 20 million)
  • local language is Tagalog, business language is English
  • most popular mode of transporation is by jeepney
  • some of the largest shopping malls in the world!

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